Sunday, February 13, 2011

remember to love

tend to wonder sometimes.. whatever happened to THAT album, THAT band, THAT trick pony? one song on a mix CD from boy i'm dating that was followed by an illegally downloaded album? awesome SXSW set and then what? going thru some old tunes..and just wondering what happened to.. or moreso should i still be listening to.. or WTF have i been cuz i know you put out another album and i didn't czech it out or whathaveyou nonsense.. anyways, just curious..
saturday looks good to me, daedelus, blank dogs, duraluxe, the sun, the glands, apollo sunshine, white flight, the envelopes..
so many more.. it all started with Sea wolf popping up on the ipod while reading the newspaper in peace last night. i never listen to sea wolf anymore, and at one time, it didn't go off of recent decent.. then it dawned on me, that my playlist is full of casualties, at least to me. this is temporary, and i don't like it. its time for a ressurection.. and a spelling lesson apparently. anyways, its valentines day officially. no diatribes on love songs or happy hearts. just an official THANKYOU for broken hearts and hard times. Those give you the ability to be the hardest, betterest, fastest, and strongest you can be <3

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