Thursday, February 10, 2011

2561 baby!

tonight magic happened. My boyfriend Ray Allen (not to be confused with my boyfriend Chris Knox or husband Jeff Mangum of course!) made history tonite. He is now the all time leader in 3 point shots in NBA history. I adore the Celtics, I had to see this game. And icing on the cake, my sweetie sunk it against the Lakers, yeaaah! It made me soo happy. I even maneuvered my schedule at work around to see this awesomeness:

I kinda wanted to cry. I really just wanted to be there in the Garden. I met up with some folks at our favorite B-Ball joint where my heart was crushed last year when the lakers beat the celtics in the NBA Finals. ahh what a series... what a game.. just a bad finish. Last year was loud, intensity left and right, jumping up then sitting back down..standing the entire last quarter..the best~! Tonite a bit more subdued, and we were able to hear the bar tunes. Now for an historical game like this, i'd prefer to hear the commentary, but i'm willing to let that go for good conversation, pals, and tunes....Usually this bar plays the redundant 90s favorites or pop punk teen/tween movie soundtrack crap. Tonite, I was surprised at the fine selection of artists at Little Woodrow's. Little Woody's we like to say, bahahah! (No that never gets old.)

The Drums, The XX, The Soft Pack, Helena Beat, Phoenix, Hockey, Spoon, Young the Giant, The National, Band of Dorses, Yeasayer, Fences, Edward Sharpe, Silversun Pickups, Cut Copy..

who the hell is helena beat? IDK, but i plan on finding out PDQ. shazamed that sucker!
So after a week of being home sick, i got better for my baby and saw the pivotal shot. i got all geeky and soft hearted when they showed Ray Allens mom. Standing ovation, handshakes, everyone was hugging him. Even Kobe showed a bit of love.. that's pretty much the only time i'll give Kobe that much credit and please note this is off court/non statistical cred. (yeah hes fun to watch, he's a fucking impressive player, but honestly kinda been an ass. him and ray have had words.)

Needless to say, I fucking love the celtics, i love me a game of basketball, and I'm going to miss not watching the playoffs in Austin this year. So many grand memories. And now, a good bar soundtrack that had us dancin in our chairs!

geez new york, be nice to me come may <3

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