Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas day in BK

Christmas in New York this year...just happens to be my first christmas away from home.. Count up those years in your own head.. WOW. face time saved it all. Just got back from Courtney and Joe's where Mom and Dad were all too happy to see on the screen that i have a family skies away...and its full of love,laughs, lasagna,and a bottle of evan williams -to which my dad prolaimed was the wrong color label. ha! call us cheap. But it all fit in a cozy greenpoint bungalow where the dogs were playful and the giggles plentiful. I missed being home..however being away and abiding by my own rules was peaceful and relaxing. No more FOLO. i adore phonecalls and good basketball. Day jogging on off days. Xmas horror movies are a big win. Hearing bands from Austin on Joey's ipod is good news..plus good power pop and dance jams from courtney. we coulda went forever. so yeah! my own christmas day of leisure - albeit casual, lacking the usual frills, enabled by public transit-paved way for proper christmas traditions to come. I am feeling blessed. pic this day and print it on a greeting card. Tis the season.

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