Monday, December 19, 2011

the end of the year..

"I need time to stop moving. I need time to stay useless." - Cloud Nothings
kinda love these lyrics. And the new GBV album is titled "Let's Go Eat the Factory." classic GBV phrase.
been reading some year end lists lately, most of which only vary slightly. boring.But i love lists and trends, and all that jazz. I'm not gonna lie...can't get behind all the shabazz palaces , fleet foxes, st. vincent, bon iver doting. Frankly i'm a little sick of it all (reading crap about stuff you could give a fuck about, with optional videos for watching...)So i just live my lil ol life and listen to what i listen to, and try go see it live if possible.
Moved to new york this year..its been the greatest decision i've made in my entire life.. as cliche as that sounds, i will stand behind it until i get married or have a kid or forever.. Its been a crazy transition, and constant comparisons to my old home of Austin are made on a daily basis. they will continue surely.
i notice myself still endeared by the songs i was listening to in those months before leaving, songs that remind me of the familiar. This is juxtaposed with a desire to immerse myself in another, bands, shows, labels... And as i look back on the seems that a year end top album list isn't appropriate. half of that shit would be from 2010, ha! kidding sorta Seems better to go over some of the most memorable shows/bands/songs that have been pretty important and super enjoyed throughout the crazy year:

-Jeff Mangum live in new jersey
-xray eyeballs at a number of places
-Dive at even more places
-Nurses at glasslands
-Twin Shadow/ Diamond Rings at the earl
-davilla 666 at 285 Kent
-The Oh Sees at 285 Kent
-Ty Segall at the mohawk
-Future Islands at Death By audio
-Cults "Abducted"
-Kids on a crime Spree "Sweet Tooth"
-captured tracks
-Weekend (not the weeknd, or whatever the fuck)
-Veronica Falls, Big Troubles, Shark?, Wu Lyf jamming at Cake Shop
-Atlas Sound /Parallax
-Beach Fossils show at 285
-discovering Shea Stadium
-Dom Family of Love EP
-Hooray For Earth at east side drive in
-Eternal Summers at cake shop
-The Hairs at cake shop (finallly!)
-Fat Possum
-Ghost Animal "In Your Room"
-Bass Drum of Death "Get Found"
-Oberhofer at Mercury
-real estate
-Tan Dollar "the turning poing"
-Girls taping at Jimmy Fallon
-Air Waves several times
-crystal stilts
-Wild Nothing
-The Beets at 285
-twitter in general..which i didn't use before i had to ride the subway
-Fanfarlo "luna"
-Harlem... Hippies and Free Drugs
-Gauntlet Hair "top bunk"
-Men "Off Our Backs"
-TCB Tuesday

maybe i shoulda categorized this. maybe next year? this will probably be the last post of 2011...a year I dont' feel the need to kiss off and bid good riddance to. Now isn't that nice?!?!?!?? in the look out for five finger disco shennanigans and TBA in Austin before too long.. and happy holidays kiddos!

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