Monday, October 24, 2011

glorified morning rant

the only thing i can tolerate in the mornings lately is deerhunter. Maybe it soothes the fatigue and frustration. today especially I'm finding it super annoying that people on the facebook constantly use the phrase "should of" versus "should have" or "should've". Hell, I'd take "shoulda" over the former any day. love writing about this type of shit on the most ungrammatically correct forum ever. F it.

probably should close this friggin facebook tab yo, since the grammar mistake police are on high aggravation alert. Come on Bradford, help me out here...keep singing..the book is like fucking smoking..its always around to provide a small amount of fun, and sometimes its quite rewarding..BUT most often its pretty boring, a disgusting display of the intolerable attributes of everyday person. and i have more productive and healthier options.. yet i can't fully quit. whatever.. Hazel Street....yum

oh and i have a gay man crush. also a straight man crush. Harmless right? Crushes are fun. plus a sexy dream with someone i follow on the Twitter.. is any of this @ worthy? Bahahaha, i think not. pffsshh...

BTW, tweets are excluded from the laws of language due to the character limit. Annoying facebook posts are not.

I'm learning to accept whatever I can get..thanks Deerhunter.

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